What is a General Plan?

The General Plan defines the vision for what our City will look like in 2050, and a roadmap to get us there!  The General Plan establishes long-term goals and policies to guide a community in realizing a vision, at least 20 years in the future. The State of California requires each city to adopt a comprehensive, long-term general plan for the physical development of a community and provides a list of topics that must be addressed. Local decision makers use the goals and policies of a general plan to make decisions regarding land use, housing, mobility, infrastructure, open spaces, and recreation.

What Will the General Plan Contain?

General Plan Vision

The Moorpark vision statement serves as the foundation for all goals and policies contained within the General Plan. The vision serves as the “common ground” from which all decisions are made, and it identifies priority areas where resources should be focused to ensure that our City continues to be a great place to live, work, and play.

Land use element icon
Land Use

The Land Use Element describes the proposed distribution and intensity of uses of the land for housing, business, industry, open spaces, natural resources, public facilities, and other categories of public and private use. For each type of land use, it establishes development criteria and standards, including building intensity and population density. In practice, it clarifies for residents and developers the City’s intentions for what lands will be developed, what uses will be located on those, and what lands will be preserved for their existing use.


The Circulation Element identifies the location and extent of existing and proposed major thoroughfares, transportation routes, pedestrian connections, bicycle facilities, public transit facilities, and local public utilities and facilities. Strategies to reduce vehicle trips and lengths, and to promote non-motorized transportation alternatives are defined and seek improve livability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Infrastructure and Community Services

The General Plan defines goals and policies for the provision of public infrastructure and community services supporting the uses accommodated by the Land Use Element. This includes water, wastewater, and energy, civic administration, libraries, and education.

Housing element icon

The Housing Element analyzes housing needs for all income groups and demonstrates how to meet those needs. The issues of housing availability and affordability in California have risen to the highest level of importance at a legislative level and local governments have a wide variety of responsibilities related to housing. State law requires that this element be revised every eight years, with the next deadline for completion in June 2021. This element will be a priority during the General Plan Update.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Element sets forth goals for economic prosperity and identifies a path to sustainable funding sources. This element will consider a plan to encourage a thriving business environment, healthy local economy, job growth and retention, and, as appropriate, community revitalization.

Conservation element icon

While there is some overlap with the Open Space and Safety Elements, the primary focus of the Conservation Element is the preservation of natural resources. The element addresses the identification, conservation, development, and use of natural resources including energy and natural gas, water and natural landforms.

Open Space element icon
Open Space

The Open Space Element provides a plan for the long-term preservation of open space. It identifies measures for preserving open space for natural resources, for managing the production of resources, for outdoor recreation, and for public health and safety.

Parks and Recreation Element Icon
Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation are technically part of the Open Space Element, but this section will be prepared separately to emphasize the importance of parks and recreational facilities as critical components of the community. This section of the General Plan will document existing and planned parks, community facilities, trails, assess deficiencies and opportunity areas, and identify strategies for maintenance and enhancement.

Noise element icon

The Noise Element identifies and analyzes projected noise conditions in the community and includes measures to address potential noise levels.

Safety element icon

The Safety Element defines a comprehensive strategy to reduce the short-term and long-term potential for harm from various threats to community health and safety, including seismic, geologic, flood, and wildfire hazards. This element will also address climate change adaptation and resiliency.

Environmental Justice and Public Health Element Icon
Environmental Justice and Public Health

The General Plan will identify objectives and policies to address the health risks of underrepresented communities. Issues of concern include the reduction of pollution exposure, food access, safe and sanitary living conditions and access to physical activity and healthy environments. This section emphasizes civil engagement in the public decision-making process and prioritizes improvements that address the needs of historically underrepresented communities.

Additional Optional Topics

Additional topics icon

In addition to the elements required by state law, a city or county may adopt other elements that relate to its growth over time. Optional elements have the same force and effect as the statutory elements. The Moorpark General Plan update will address several additional topic areas, either as stand-alone elements or integrated into mandated elements. These topics include: Economic Development, Environmental Justice and Public Health, Infrastructure and Community Services, and Sustainability.

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