Frequently Asked Questions

Why Update the General Plan?

Considerable time has passed since the last comprehensive update of the City of Moorpark’s General Plan in 1986 and limited update in 1992. There are important challenges, opportunities, and emerging trends that need to be addressed to enable the General Plan to be an effective tool in guiding and ensuring that the future conforms to the visions and aspirations of Moorpark’s residents. The population has grown; lands have been developed, others have been conserved; and the composition, needs, and visions of Moorpark’s residents have evolved. Wider national and global changes also affect the City—the economy has fluctuated, housing costs have escalated, traffic has worsened, our climate is warming, and technological changes affect how we live and do business. The State has also enacted legislation that more aggressively directs cities to address these and other changes. It’s time for a community conversation about how we grow and where we’ll go!

Who will use the General Plan?

  • City Council and Planning Commission use the goals and policies of the General Plan as a basis upon which to make both long-term and short-term decisions, determine long-term objectives, generate and evaluate budgets, plan capital improvements, and prioritize tasks.
  • City staff reference the General Plan when considering development applications, capital improvements, service programming, and departmental budgeting.
  • Individual residents, existing and prospective business owners, and the development community seek guidance for preserving and enhancing the community through the General Plan.
  • Other local and regional agencies refer to the General Plan when projecting future needs and services. The General Plan is truly the City’s collective guide to the future.

How will the General Plan be Implemented?

General Plan implementation consists of shorter-term actions and programs to carry out longer-term General Plan goals and policies. Implementation actions in the General Plan can also be tied to the City’s annual Strategic Plan priorities.

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